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10 Free Online Courses you can take during COVID-19 Epidemic

free online courses covid 19

10 Best Free online courses you can take during COVID-19 Epidemic

Today in the technology era there are several  online courses available on the internet,  some are paid and some are for free, that too you on some of the online courses you can  certificates certified from some of the renowned universities.

So today I’m going to introduce you with such online websites and apps where you can get knowledge of any courses either it is humanities or any language, or any sort of technology course. 

#1 Alison

Alison is one of the best online website which provides free courses along with certificates,  which can enhance your skills,  and your knowledge as well as your work efficiency. 

As many of us don’t have much time to do regular classes,  and also due to financial issues we can’t get the opportunity to  do our dream course, that we think, if I could  have done this course then, I also would have got such a  nice job, that any higher position in our dream organisations. 

But,  not to worry any more here you can do any course in any field of your interest. The courses which are available here with certificate are as follows;

  • IT Courses 
  • Business Courses 
  • Health Courses 
  • Humanities Courses 
  • Science Courses
  • Marketing Courses
  • Lifestyle  Courses 
  • Maths Courses 

These courses are also divided into “sub courses”, and each and every descriptions and modules are available here in detail. 

I can say that,  Alison is the door opener for new opportunities,  once you login to the programme and get your your preferred course done then only you will realise that truly it gives you the platform to explore and enhance your knowledge and skills,  through which you can improve your personality and confidence,  and also can have much better quality life. 


#2 FutureLearn

FutureLearn is online courses provider app , all the courses on this app is designed by different university and expert professors from different stream,you can explore the courses which are as follows ;

  • Business and Management 
  • Creative Art and Media 
  • Nature and Environment 
  • Politics and Society 
  • Literature 
  • Health and Medicine
  • Science,  Engineering and Maths 
  • Law
  • History 
  • IT and computer science 
  • Teaching 
  • Language 
  • Study skills 
  • Psychology and Mental health 

These courses are designed to upskill you for the competitive world ,and also it allows you to enhance  your knowledge and understanding of the subject in which you are interested in. You just need to sign up and you can get access to the course. 


#3 Coursera Together

It is a free online learning & community resources during pandemic due to  COVID-19, as we all know that due to COVID-19 our lives have been affected there for Coursera is providing online courses, so that nothing can stop you from learning and developing our knowledge,  it connects with learners and educators globally. 

You can learn something new with a free course, during this emergency situations,  Coursera is  offering a selection of courses complete for free anyone from anywhere can avail these courses,  but they are not providing any certificates, though the good news for you is it is available till 31 May 2020, and you can have access to the top most professor’s lecture and different competitive quizzes etc.

  • Online courses for mental health and well-being:

To make you understand about the science of happiness, they have collected top wellness courses to help you prioritize mental health and well-being during this emergency of pandemic.

  • Online courses for high school students: 

All the subjects are available on this specially designed online courses, major subjects like maths  to lighter subjects like music and guitar for beginners,  high school students can avail it, they have designed the courses to help students from anywhere on the globe. 

  • Online courses for college students:

It allows you to follow your passion without going anywhere,  if you are preparing for an interview or learning data science,  Coursera is providing all courses to make things easier, and   to keep learning and developing your skills.

  • Online courses for career development:

Either it is a creative problem solving or leading the company of the future, they try to identify courses to help everyone by showing the correct way to the new beginners. 

  • Online courses for building your cloud technology career: 

In the  globe digitalisation world they are also providing machine learning and cloud computing  courses to help you in this competitive world and also helps you to build your career in digital mark.

  • Online courses for understanding public health: 

As we know these days WHO has announced pandemic, so it is very important to keep eyes on our help there for Coursera is providing courses that make you aware of the science behind COVID-19 and communicating during global emergencies.

For more details you can go to this link;


 There are many more things to explore on the  free online courses by Coursera,  you can avail the opportunity and new things like storytelling,  and more about our universe! You can discover your own interests in different areas. 

#4 Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another free online app who is providing classes to the students of all ages, also enabling teachers as well as parents  to help their children in their studies,  during this pandemic situation due to COVID-19. 

Subjects provided by Khan Academy are,  maths,  science, humanities. All these subjects are available in about 40 different languages.

  • You can visit the link given below for further details;



MINDSPARK  is an online educational app,  it is providing special 60 days accessibility to the students whose schools are closed due to pandemic impact of COVID-19. 

This app mainly provides courses to school going students,  their subjects are,  Maths and English. 

Here is the link given for your further enquiries;


#6 Extramarks

It is one of the best learning app,  it allows school  students to learn their lesson for free,  Extramarks provide all the subjects which are suggesting by CBSE and ICSE , such as science,  maths, english, hindi, social studies,  art & craft, etc.

They provide video and audio visual of all the subjects ,to use this learning app  you just have to sign in  with your email id,  and fill your details and you can select the courses according to your class in which you are.  

Here is the link given below for further information and details. 


#7 Oxford Home Study Centre (OHSC)

Oxford Home Study Centre (OHSC) is one of the free online courses with certificates. OHSC  provides UK’s  based course free of cost, without any entry fee, or any kind of payment. As it is free from any type of payment or fees, any one can avail this opportunity to study further without going  anywhere with online courses.

These online courses are designed in such a way that everyone from everywhere can access and avail these beneficial courses. You can go through this online courses by enrolling yourself from their given enrolment page, here enrolment is open throughout the year.

These courses are here to help you for your career,  it can improve your efficiency, your knowledge, skills and wisdom.  You can choose any of your favourite subjects or topics. So here are the courses provided by  OHSC.

  • Business Management Course
  • Construction Management Course
  • Customer Services Course
  • Event Management Course
  • Fashion Design Course
  • Hotel Management Course
  • Human Resources Management Course
  • Internet Marketing Course
  • Management Course
  • Project Management Course
  • Public Relations Course
  • Supply Chain Management Course
  • Starting an Online Business Course
  • Risk Management Course
  • Travel and Tourism Course
  • Accounting and Finance Course
  • Teaching Assistant Course
  • Bookkeeping Course
  • Diet and Nutrition Course
  • Interior Design Course
  • Leadership & Management Course
  • Facilities Management Course
  • Social Media Marketing Course
  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Cyber Security Course
  • Life Coaching Course
  • Wedding Planning Course
  • Administrative Skills Course
  • Understanding Debits & Credits Course
  • The Role of an Accountant Course
  • Accounting Concepts and Standards Course
  • P&L Account Course
  • Balance Sheet Course 
  • Key Financial Report Course
  • Warehouse & Material Handling Course
  • Fraud Prevention Course
  • Digestion and Detoxification Course
  • Eating Disorders Course
  • Weight Control Management Course
  • Manicure and Pedicure Course
  • Room by Room Designing Course
  • Course Report Writing Stages
  • How to Start a Consulting Business Course
  • Introduction to Business Ethics Course
  • Philosophical Approaches to Ethics -Course
  • COVID-19 Coronavirus : Course

OHSC. provides all these courses after doing lots of hard work and research , to bring together the renege of different online courses in order to help many students globally. 

So, I would say that a  right qualification can enhance your potential, it can also give a drastic transformation to your career prospects as well as your education quality. 


#8 OpenLearn

OpenLearn is another online free course provider, here you can have a diverse variety of courses to choose from. These courses are specifically designed for open learners,  

On OpenLearn you can start learning at any time from anywhere as you wish to,  once you sign up on open learning courses and finishes the course you can do self assessment as well. Though,  there are many courses to choose from,  there are some of the courses which are specifically designed for academic learns, where as some of the courses are designed to upskill you know which help you in your career and develop your personality and confidence. 

OpenLearn is providing the courses in 3 different levels, these 3 levels are divided on the basis of your knowledge. For example if you are beginner or new learner to the chosen subject then you have to go for level 1, where you will get the study material right from the beginning in  detail, and if you are already having some knowledge about the subject then you can select 2 level,  and if you are completely aware of the subject but still you want to know key skills  more deeply about the subject then you should go for level 3, this way you can save your time and get the appropriate knowledge.

Here are some of the areas in which OpenLearn offers the courses;

  • Health, Sports and Psychology
  • Education and Development 
  • History and Arts
  • Languages
  • Money and Business 
  • Nature and Environment 
  • Science, Maths and Technology 
  • Society,Politics and Law

OpenLearn gives you free “statement of participation” proof,  it is a kind of certificate which you can use as an evidence of your knowledge,  and interest in the related subject, it can also be used as your commitment and continuity in your professional development.


Note:-  OpenLearn  free online courses do not provide any formal certificate. 

#9 pluralsight

pluralsight is one of the best online tech skills website which is providing free courses, which can enhance your skills,  and your knowledge as well as your work efficiency. 

As many of us don’t have much time to do regular classes,  and also due to financial issues we can’t get the opportunity to  do our dream course, that we think, if I could  have done this course then, I also would have got such a  nice job, that any higher position in our dream organisations. 


# 10 Unity Learn Premium

Unity Learn Premium is providing 3 month subscription for free, if you are interested in 3D,2D,VR and AR development then this course is for you


These are the free online courses which are available for you,  you need is to  go to the website get your course select your subject and sign up for the subject in which you are interested, here I ‘ll mention one thing that is; you can do anything, you can become anything until have an objective and  you need to be zealous to achieve that goal or objective, so go for courses available here with full of your interest and a passion to learn something new for your betterment. All the best!