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Airtel free internet trick 2016

airtel free internet 2016

Airtel free internet  trick 2016

Hello Friends ,i have found airtel 100% working airtel free internet  trick 2016  ,working where tcp port 443 is open .I have tried this trick on dec 2015 by myself and it is working fine in delhi,with this airtel free internet  trick 2016 you can use  150 mb daily if you exceed the limitation you can’t use this trick ,airtel will block you for using this airtel free internet trick , in that case u can’t use this trick ,so beware use only 150mb daily.

How to use airtel free internet trick 2016

1. Download most recent update of droid vpn from  Play store.
2.Then create free Trial account.
3.Login with your username and password.

4.Click on setting

airtel free internet trick  2016

5.click on port setting,set TCP port to 443(This setting is for airtel users).

airel working free internet nov 2105

6.Now click on connection protocol
then click on connect using tcp.

airtel free internet working nov 2105

7.Copy and paste this http headers-Host:mo.wynk.inX-Online-Host:mo.wynk.in
or Host:get.wynk.inX-Online-Host:get.wynk.in

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8.In free trial account you can access free 6 servers and
free server 6 (The netherland)is the fastest one

airtel free internet andriod nov 2015
9.Now click on connect and enjoy free internet.
important note:-
Airtel free internet trick 2016
1. You Can Use Only 100 Mb Data Daily limit By Droid Vpn Free Account..
2. You Can Use Only Free Demo Servers Not Work Other Premium Servers.
3. This Trick Is Tested In  Delhi and working on few states .
4.Use Only On Zero Balance Otherwise It Will Deduct Your Balance.