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15+ Cool Best themes for android download Free 2018

Best themes for android

Hello friends, we are gonna talk about the best themes for Android mobile in this post. At present, it has become very important to remain in touch of latest upgradation. We all are well acquainted with customization and its advantages in a smartphone. It is one of the best parts about Android phones. Because it allows you to fix and modify your phone in a best possible way. You can also make changes to your icon, fonts, home screen. Moreover, some of the themes transform your phone into an incredible smartphone.

However, there are various ways in which one can make his Android phone look and feel incredible and magnificent. But, I will tell you here something more than that. That will certainly help you to transform the look of your smartphone.you can also read this article if you are a VR lover

Once, you follow our guidelines, you get your phone in better and fabulous look than ever before. Google play store has numerous themes for Android phones which are literally free to download. But I am not gonna give you the detail of each and every theme because a fraction of them are not as good as you expect. Hence, I will recommend you only worthy ones. Before I get to those themes I would like to tell you that having done a lot of studies, I have muster them.

15 Best Themes For Android

1.Action Launcher – Oreo + Pixel on your phone

Best themes for android free

Action Launcher is the best platform for theming. Action Launcher is a launcher that enables you to do many things such as to import from your existing layout from other launchers like Apex, Nova, Google Now Launcher, HTC sense, Samsung Galaxy Touch Wiz.

poIt is a versatile and excellent launcher as it is capable of doing many activities. Moreover, it is place where you can get some basic theming element. Action launcher can also auto-customize the colors of the launcher from the colors on your wallpaper. Overall, it is considered one of most powerful and versatile launcher.

2.Chrooma Live WallpaperBest themes for android free 2018


Chrooma is considered one of the best among other themes application because of its unique and excellent features that enables the users to give incredible look to their smartphone. Moreover, this app is the best option for the new Android marshmallow material design style. It is quite different in terms of features such as doesn’t drain battery quickly and give you many animation.

3.Evie Launcher

best themes for android

Evie Launcher is just amazing launcher as it allows you to do various things which others don’t allow. The best part of this app it to being very customisable. The app enables you to add custom grinds to your dock and eliminate icon labels for a more minimal look. Overall, it is versatile and powerful tool because you can’t go for theming only apart from that you can do is calling an Uber or getting direction to reach the destination. Therefore, this app is liked by many and it is available free of cost.

4.KWGT kustom widget pro key

best themes for android


This incredible app enables you to make your Android Launcher or Lock screen look more magnificent than ever before. This is one of most powerful widget creator ever. Moreover, the app has ton of features to make widget you want. You can create your own design, customized digital, Analog clocks, live map widget, weather widget, text widget, sophisticated battery, memory meters, music player, world clock and so on. Needless to say, it is really versatile launcher with numerous fruitful features. You are really gonna like it. Because you get much more than your expectation.

5.Nova Launcher

best themes for android


Nova Launcher is nothing but excellent launcher app. It is certainly top rated launcher because of its salient features which make it incredible launcher app.The app gives you various customization options. Here, you can change icons, layouts, animations, and much More. Moreover, you can also get a plug-in that adds notification badges on apps. This app is one of the best launcher app for Android.

6.Stylist Cool Os 10 Theme

best themes for android

Stylist Cool Os 10 theme is just amazing launcher app that allows you to customize in best possible way and as you wish. You can download new OS 10 to have beautiful OS icons, HD wallpapers and other numerous themes.

Blue Os 10 is the latest user theme with wallpapers of the most high definition multi colours. The app allows you to operate your smartphone smoother and faster than ever before. Here, you get your desirable theme such as comics, sci-fi, photography, automobile, love, friendship and much more. One can deny that it is literally versatile launcher app where you get all the beautiful and powerful themes you like.

7.UCCW- ultimate custom widget

best themes for android


At present, UCCW is one of the best and popular custom widget app. Here, you can do some incredible things to give unique look to your phone. Moreover, you can also add many sort of functionality such as calendar events, weather, battery, missed calls, various notification, location and much more.

8.Wallpapers HDbest themes for android


Wallpapers HD provides you best quality pictures, you have ever experienced before. You experience all the pictures in high quality and with different resolutions. Moreover, this app is top rated launcher because of its versatile nature. I guarantee you that you will enjoy the service of this app. The app also enables you save battery from draining. Overall, this could be one of the best app theme for you. In order to beautify your smartphone with HD pictures, this is best option for you.

9.Go Launcher EX UI5.0 Theme


best themes for android

This apps has all sort of beautiful theme that you like most. This launcher app helps you to beautify your smartphone. It also helps your phone to run smoother and faster. This app is something to be used by all because of its multiple features. It is highly customizable and performance driven Android app. Download it as soon as possible to customize your smartphone in best possible way.


best themes for android free

Themer is just outstanding theme service for Android that enables you to download and apply ton of themes and make your smartphone or tablet more stylish and customizable. It is pretty much simple to apply themer. All you have to do is just browse your desirable themes then click on download button. Once, you download them, you can apply them as per your convenience. Overall, it is one of the best desktop theme manager that enables you to take your Android on new heights.

11.Buzz Launcher

best themes for android free 2018

Buzz Launcher is nothing but another excellent theme manager that enables you to decorate your Android. Download buzz launcher to make your phone or tablet more better in terms of look and style. Buzz Launcher is excellent theme manager that allows you to download numerous themes in different categories. As per latest report, Buzz Launcher is top rated and the best personalization app. Moreover, it offers you 700,000 home screen, with thousands more being uploaded daily. Hence, I must recommend you to download it and customize the look of your Android with Buzz Launcher. You can also share them on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Google+.

12.Zooper widget

best themes for android

Here you have Zooper widget that is nothing but another incredible and excellent theme manager that enables you to customize the look of your Android device. Zooper widget’s themes are highly customized. I guarantee, anyone who is gotten deep into customizing that UI has certainly come through the Zooper widget. Moreover, it is minimal, highly customizable, incredible, and battery friendly widget with more and less limitless possibilities! Overall, Zooper widget is an excellent theme manager where you get your desirable themes in all segments.

13.Go Launcher

best themes for android


Go Launcher is yet another theme manager that will Basically transform the look of the operating system of your Android device, making it much more colourful and magnificent device. The app enables you to easily alter the theme. You can also change the aspect of the different screens such as all of the icons that you may have different desks. Go launcher offers you more than 10,000+ themes, with thousands of more being uploaded every day. Go launcher also give you extra service such as cleaner, booster and app locker.

We Have Some Of The Best Themes For Android Of Go Launcher

Eternally GO Launcher Theme

It has been designed especially for GO launcher EX, provides delicate app icons, wallpapers, folder and app drawer interface.

Go Launcher Lonely Theme

If you are looking for cleaner and booster then lonely is best option for you. It is really one of the most cool theme manager that are available.

Go Launcher Miracle Theme

Miracle Theme is nothing but excellent theme manager that enables you to customize look of your Android. You get widgets, changes in app drawers and even the wallpapers.

Go Launcher Labyrinth Theme

Labyrinth is one of the best go launcher theme that you will see. I am saying this because you find themes pretty simple to apply, easy to understand, variety of themes and much more. here you don’t need to pay anything for service. You get everything free of cost.

Go Launcher Glass Theme

The glass theme go launcher is the best option for those who are looking for IOS like icons. Moreover, it is pretty stylish and unique. Name suggests itself,

That you are gonna get something extraordinary here such as more colorful themes and elegant wallpapers & homescreens.

Go Launcher Black Board Theme

Black board theme is something which literally appear different as the theme follows simple black and white approach, the icons look like as if they are made up of using chalk on a black board. It is liked by many.

14.C Launcher

android themes

C Launcher is another theme manager that allows you to optimize and beautify your smartphone. It includes phone themes, security tools, shortcut functions, cool screen gestures, elegant wallpapers and ringtones. Moreover, you personalize your Android device with the help of C Launcher. The apps offers you a passcode that has IOS style, automatically organize your apps, smart widgets, and contextual launcher. The app also contains widgets, like cleaner news and weather clock.

Here We Have Some Of The Best Themes For Android Of C Launcher

1.Green Nature HD Theme

Customize your Android smartphone with green nature theme because this is really amazing theme that you will see anywhere. This theme has been designed especially for those who love nature and green surrounding. Make your phone more greeny and stylish.

2.Magical Theme: Abstract Dragon With Dark Cool Icon

Magical Theme from C Launcher is just amazing theme that you are gonna see today. It is compatible to the wallpapers and lockers of similar launcher. It is one of the latest APK for Android. Moreover, dragon appears really bold and dashing.

3.Vibrant Heart Clauncher Theme

Apply Vibrant Heart Clauncher Theme to personalize your Android phone playfully. You get various stuffs here to customize your phone. And that is free of cost.

4.Blue Butterfly Theme

Blue Butterfly Theme is another excellent theme of C Launcher that give you access to customize and beautify your Android smartphone in best possible way.

5.Street Car City Theme HD

If you car lover,  this theme for you because this theme enable you to customize your Android smartphone with HD car pictures. It is really something that you are gonna rate it high because of its extraordinary look.


At last, I would like to say that having smartphone phone is not big deal but putting in condition or customizing in an excellent way. Hopefully, this post about the best themes for android will certainly help you to transform your simple phone into the magnificent device with the help of, above mentioned, themes.