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How to root android without pc (all devices)

How to root android without pc (easiest method)

Hello friends, today i will share you how to root android without pc .Android users have greatly increased, especially Android phone has many types that can fulfill the people want and the price is affordable according to their characteristics. Speaking of Android features, more features can root your Android phone, here I share with you to root Android without computer, easy and safe devices with only one click.

how to root android phone without pc
                    Root android phone without pc 2016

 why root andriod phone and how to root android without pc?

This is a process, let your Android system complete control over its supreme authority. Root is a binary or we can say binary Do is one installed on your Android phone, you can access all the files on your Android device, in other words, you get instant access to all parts of your mobile, whether parts of your firmware or hardware Have you ever been annoyed by pre-installed software on your phone, because you can not be uninstalled ? it never happens with your phone root permissions, you can also upgrade or switch to any version of the Android system. now, you might wonder how to root Android without pc .

In this article, I will introduce to you the basic steps to how to root android without pc Before rooting Android devices, some preparatory work You root an Android device, you need to prepare for this important step. I’ll tell you five steps to be ready to take root

  •  It is not necessary but if you don’t want risk then Back up your Android equipment. Rooting process is not safe, it may cause a lot of trouble, such as loss of data, so we can establish your equipment, to prepare for contingencies backup
  •  Ensure that your device is fully charged Android It will root andriod without pc. Once the roots begin, this process can not be stopped in many cases. If the program is running it is stopped, the phone may become brick. Thus, a fully charged cell phone to avoid sudden root privileges interruption
  •  We have Find reliable rooting software Model and system version checking device, and then select the appropriate software to help you root your device. This step is very important because not all software rooting does not work for you here, I heartily recommend widely used tool for you

How to Root Android without using PC

Advantages of the Root Android phone⇒

  • Rooting your Android has several advantages, but here we are listing some of the best advantages obtained afterrooting your Android phone.
  • Access to all files on your mobile, if present in the root directory anywhere storage or more, to give root permissions, you can edit or delete any file on the system.
  • Increase your performance on mobile clocking that changing the CPU frequency of your Android phone, by which you can easily speed up your Android phone without any problems.
  • Even, you can increase battery life, under CPU clock of your Android phone, that will enable phone battery for a long time
  • You can install several custom rom to change the feel of your version of Android AOSP as CyanogenMod or MIUI ROM or eye candy that can change the feel of using all Android device.
  • You can update the version of Android on your phone using custom rom and CM11 or CM12 or any other rom
  • Internal memory can also be increased after the roots of its mobile Android, and you can change them, as well as internal memory card without any problem, with only vold.fstab edit files in the root directory that can be accessed once Following its mobile Android.

Disadvantages rooting your Android phone ⇒

  • The rooting may void your warranty.
  • Every thing in this world that has benefits also has its disadvantages, so here we are listing some of the disadvantages of the roots of its mobile Android.
  • The phone may brick hard. ?There may be loss of data in the process of rooting your phone.
  • Guarantee your Android phone is killed when root. You could face random reboots.

 Root Android without pc using these applications:

  •  First, the root Download apk applications from the link below. After you download these applications, Just install them.
  •  If an installation asking popup is blocked, and then click Settings. Simply check on unknown sources. Install the apk now.
  • After the opening of these applications, just click the button or any button root. You are done following its Android mobile easily with these applications

 Benefits of using these applications to root Android phone:

There are many benefits to the roots android without a computer, even their comparatively sure also to root. phone without using PC or laptop.Some of the benefits listed below root Android phone without laptop :

  • No need for a PC or laptop computer. Comparatively safer
  • Almost no chance of any bricking your device.
  • Low chance of data loss.

 Top 5 Root Apps

How to root android without pc using kingo app⇒

Kingo android roothow to root android without pc


how to root android

 Kingo is software that has made the rooting process like a piece of cake, what I mean is that the process is very easy and does not have the risk of bricking or damage your device. Do not worry about the money because this software is totally free of any charges. Kingo can be used to boot wide following smartphone models large manufacturer like Micromax, Samsung, HTC,  Motorola, ,Lenovo ,LG, Acer, Asus, Sony ,Huawei, Alcatel and Google. Whenever you think it is not rooting for you, Kingo ROOT Android can also unroot your device with one click.

How to root android without pc using Frama root⇒

how to root android without computer

how to root android without pc 2016

 Framaroot: This is the top-application that comes in Rate 1 when it comes to rooting any phone without a PC. This application has taken root most algorithm.This devices that support your application you need to try for each phone. Root Android phone one click.

Root Android mobile without PC with using FramaRoot:

Framaroot allows the root of your Android device easily without any problem. This application allows even following androids without PC or PC. Then follow the methods to eradicate your Android phone through Framaroot. Framaroot download link above that already provided. APK Install and Open FramaRoot. Simply click on Boromir and wait until it shows your installed correctly. In the case shows Exploit failed error, then you have to try another application to root your Android device without a computer.

How to Root android without pc using v Root⇒

root without pc
    root without pc

 how to root android without laptop

V Root: This is one of the best applications for your Android phone root easily without any risk. It is an application of China, but there are many mods of this application available in the English version. In many years, V Root did a great position in the mobile phone without rooting laptop or computer.

How to root android without pc using Z4 Root⇒

root android without pc 2016

how to root android

 This application is one of the oldest mobile Android applications root safely Brick Mobile Hard Android.

Root Android phone using universal Androot apk⇒

how to root android phone without using pc

how to root android

This is one of the simplest to root Android phone safely without the computer method. Universal Androot is the basic application for Android that can eliminate almost all devices without any problem.

Check if your Android phone is rooted or not?
root checker 2016

To verify that succeeded in ROOT your Android phone without a PC or not, you can use an application popularly known as Root Checker. Therefore, to check the following on your mobile Android.

how to root android


Root android without pc unlock the full potential of your mobile Android. You can install a lot of custom roms update your mobile Android or you can just unleash the power of your CPU overclocking it.We are only providing methods to root Android phone without a PC. We have listed five methods to root Android device without pc.We are not responsible for any damage caused to your device due to any error. However, all these applications are trusted and are being used by millions of people there to root Android mobile phone without PC easily.Root is the safest method to eliminate your mobile.