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Play Pokemon Go India: How To Play Pokemon Go In India

pokemon go app download

Play Pokemon Go India: How To Play Pokemon Go In India(full tutorial)

Pokemon is the most well known cartoon for children began in late 1990. As of late Nintendo reported the most recent game Pokemon Go for android and apple users. Pokemon go game is as of now  available in 26 more European countries . Be that as it may, Pokemon Go is not accessible in Asian nations like India

India has the biggest population of Pokemon fans either children or youngsters.The Pokemon Go smartphone game will be viral from Google Play store and Apple App Store.

What the hell is Pokemon go about?

In easy terms, Pokemon Go is a smartphone game that uses your smartphone’s GPS and clock to identify where and when you are in the game and make Pokemon “show up” around you (on your mobile screen) so you can go and get them. As you move around, various and more sorts of Pokemon will show up depending upon where you are and what time it is.

Why Everyone So Addicted To Pokemon Go?

Simple: Augmented reality is the reason why people addicted to Pokemon Go so much, according to science

Beginner Guide To Download and Play Pokemon Go In India

play pokemon go in india


  • Download Pokemon go latest apk –click here
  • Walk on an icon of PokeStop in the picture on the map and tap on it to reveal the real picture of the position you are standing in front of.
  • Rotate the image to get the Pokeball, the famous white and red balls to capture Pokémon
  •  Move to the next level, visiting the “PokeStops” or capturing creatures.

Catching monsters

  • When walking, you should try to detect signals on the map of the vicinity of a Pokémon and approach.
  • Go nearer.
  • When a Pokemon picture shows up on a screen tap it.
  • switch to Android/ios camera mode.
  • scan around to locate the monster in its “natural” environment
  • Throw a pokeball to capture monsters by pressing Pokeball at the bottom of the screen
  • To build the power of Pokémon use stardust and particular sweets for every mosnter.
  •  Once at level 5 can conquer an arena and challenge the occupant. If you win the battle, let a Pokémon to defend the place.

How to win battles in pokemon go

  • You need to take control of the gyms.

Tips to play pokemon go in india

  • Bring power bank because the game is exciting.
  • Play as a group to keep up control of the gyms.



  • Do not be carried away by the excitement of the game venturing into dangerous or forbidden places.
  • Keep in mind that your Geolocation is being controlled and others can discover it.