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21 Cool Telegram Hacks and Tricks You Should know! 2018

hey guys, Today we come with a new post on 21 New Telegram Hacks and Tricks. Telegram is nothing but cloud-based mobile & desktop messaging application. Telegram was launched by Russian native Pavel Durov in August 2013. Telegram can be operated on Android, iOS, windows phone, & macOS. This application can be used for messaging, exchanging photos, videos, gifs, stickers, audio, documents & others files.
It has various unique features which makes it different from other social networking sites. Since millions of users are connected with telegram. therefore, in terms of popularity telegram has its on identification. Moreover, many new users are getting connected with it. Telegram can be operated in 13 languages which are available in telegram. You can also translate any word which you don’t understand.

So, friends, I am gonna share with you some salient features of latest telegram hacks and tricks which seem really cool and remarkable in this post.

21 Best Telegram Hacks and Tricks

1. Activate Automatic Night Mode

All telegram users who have Android can automatically switch to the dark version the interface in low night conditions.

telegram hacks 2018

  1. This is pretty simple to activate auto night mode.
  2. Then click on theme then auto night mode.

This feature is really great.

2. Light version: telegram x official

The main objective behind the launching telegram x is to reinvent and modify telegram and make some improvement in speed, ease of use, quality of animation and so on. Telegram x is available for iOS and Android users.

However, telegram x is better for Android users because it is faster and more battery efficient.
You have access to chat, scroll and go to settings with immediate effect. It certainly works faster than previous one but quite similar to traditional one.

3. Quickly respond to message

You are probably gonna like this unique feature of telegram because it allows you to respond as quickly as possible. Here, you have to just swipe the message to the left and it opens the dialog box immediately.

We all want to respond as fast as possible, whenever we talk to anyone. Hence, this telegram hack may be one of the best features for all those who are looking for quick sending message.

4.Multiple accounts

telegram hacks 2018

Now, telegram users could add up three separate accounts but each account should have his own number. This is something which you don’t find anywhere else. It is really interesting to have up to three accounts on single smartphone.

Users could cycle among the accounts by tapping on the menu icon & picking their chosen profile. Now telegram would send you notification for activity on any of your account by default.

However, this could be dialed on a pre-account basis within the notification settings. This new feature can help you immense by having up to there separate account.

5. Share the location in real time

telegram hacks 2018

This telegram hacks is something to be noted because the feature allows you to share your current location. Simply, you can share your exact location with whom you want to share.

At some point in time, you must have thought to share your current location with your friends. So, eventually, you get this feature on telegram. Now, you can let your people know where are you.

Moreover, it is pretty simple to share your location. All you need to do is to open a conversation with whom you have to share then press attachment and opt location tap on allow button.

Now, your current location is detected and displayed on the map with a blue dot then at last press the send this location button. So this how you can share your current location.

6.Multimedia player

telegram hacks 2018

The multimedia media player of the telegram is very exciting after redesigning the application to better support the playback, of mp3s and other music files.

Moreover, you also get some Free audio on behalf of telegram. This latest multimedia player is better than the previous one with some new features. You will love it.

7.Photo album in the profile picture

telegram hacks 2018

this is an interesting telegram hacks, that when you share multimedia photographs it is grouped within an album to

receive a single notification and a better community.

The latest version 4.5 added an interesting feature. from grouping multimedia photos into an album.
It is a really good telegram hacks as whenever anyone clicks on your profile picture, all selected pictures get appeared one by one.

8. Save message

Basically, this telegram hack allows you to keep your important message secure and have them on hand for quick access. This is how you can keep your imperative messages safe just by using this feature.

All you have to do is opt a message from conversation what you want to keep safe then click on forward and select message. This way you will have a quick access to links of the chat or conversation.

9. Self Destruct photos

We all want privacy. when it comes to our pictures so if you want that your shared pictures should be remove after specific time then this feature will help you.

  • Firstly, You need to open the shared photo in the edit menu
  • then click then click on the clock icon and set a timer.
  • So this is how you can remove your photos when you want.

10. Create secret chat

telegram hacks
telegram hacks and tricks

-Telegram’s secret chat feature is unique in its own way because it lets you have a conversation with an end to end encryption among other security options.

you get notifications for your taken screenshots. You aren’t allowed to forward your messages from secret chat.

Self-destruct timer can be set for destructing your previous messages after a certain period. So if you really want to have privacy, you can use ” secret chat”.

Now, let me move to another salient feature of the telegram which could be one of the best features for you on the telegram. Users can have access to their conversation on multiple devices. So it is really exciting for you.

But it becomes possible only because of “cloud-based sync feature”. Basically, this feature of telegram let you Start your previous conversation on other devices. All the messages are synced between devices in real time.

11. Bots in telegram

telegram tricks and hacks
telegram hacks

Basically, telegram bots are telegram accounts which are created to do some specific work. Every bots has its own features and commands such as the pollbot is used to make polls in group.

You can get numerous bots from telegram bot store or you can also have access to it directly from the application. It can do anything for you. check my previous article on top telegram groups

12. Protect the chat with password


Yeah, you can protect your conversation by putting a 4 digit pin or activate the unlock by footprint. This feature add privacy to your account.

First of all, you have to go to settings then click on privacy and security then click on access code and it gets activated.

13. Use of proxy server

telegram proxy setting

Telegram has special feature which allows users to enter proxy settings in it. Using proxy server is pretty simple. It helps you to protect your data from state organization and in other nations where using telegram is not legal term. Proxy server is really very useful on many fronts.

This is how you can set up a proxy server

1. Move to setting
2. Tap on data and storage
3. Scroll down and tap on proxy settings
4. At last, provide all the required information

14. Stop GIF’s from auto playing

You can share your emotions and feelings using GIF there is no need to text. But sometimes we get numerous GIF and start autoplaying which cause a lot problems for users.

But I will tell you here how you can stop them from autoplaying.
1. Move to settings
2. Scroll down to autoplay GIF option
3. Now disable it

15. Use of hashtag or organize your chat

You can organise your chats inside a channel or a group by using hashtag. Basically, hashtag is a term which refers to a keyword in a text or message. Hashtag allows you to know everything in apropos of that very message.

For instance, if there is match between australia and southafrica it becomes hashtag. Means everyone can use that hashtag.

If you are willing to view all the messages in one location, you can simply press on hashtag through it you will get access to each and every message.

16. Pin messages in channels

You can create a channel on telegram which allows you to broadcast public messages to large audience.

A channel is a tool which is used for broadcasting public messages to massive audience. A number of people can get connected with a channel, whereas a group is social platform where you can share anything with your friends or family or collaboration in small squad.

If you own a popular channel, you may have to face with many challenges when you broadcast a message.

To cop up with this problem, you can simply pin the messages. to start it just tap on pin.

17. Delete sent messages for everyone

This special feature of telegram allows you to delete a sent message. If you want to delete a sent message, simply put your finger on that message, which you have to delete, and hold for a while and then press on trash icon.

You need to opt the option to delete messages in the pop-up window then tap on delete. Telegram allows you to delete a sent message within 48 hours. Hence, you won’t be able to delete the message, once you cross the time line.

18. Customize chat backgrounds

This feature of telegram allows you to customise chat background image.

This how you can do it
1. Move to settings
2. Tap on chat background
3. Now opt the background that you want
4. At last, press the checkmark button to apply it.

19. Turn off notifications for individual contacts

In telegram, you can stop somebody from sending too much forward messages just by using this feature which allows you to turn off notifications for individual.

Open the chat and tap on profile photo of the contact.
Now press on notification and mute the contact for either a custom or specific period or forever.

20. Change phone number

telegram hacks

In telegram, it is pretty simple to change the phone number without losing the previous conversation.

If you want to switch your telegram number, you move to settings then tap on the phone number.

Here, I will provide you some detailed information about what happens when you change your phone number.

Usually, you don’t loose your previous messages after changing your phone number, all of them will move to your new number and your new number automatically add to all your existing telegram contacts.

You don’t need to re-share your phone number to everyone. By using this number change feature, you get rid of time consuming procedure.

In order to change the phone number, you can simply tap on ‘number change’ then enter your new number.

21. Custom theme telegram

telegram tricks

Telegram users can create or install custom theme which is very interesting. You can customize your telegram as per your interest.

This how you can create
1. Move to settings
2. Theme and tap on
3. Create your theme

telegram hacks

Here, you need to add a custom name to your theme and then press on OK. Now a new paint button appears.

Next, you find different elements what you edit.
In order to edit any of element’s color, you need to tap on that and then opt your color.

After finishing editing, press on save theme now you can apply your customized theme. This is as simple as that.

telegram hacks
telegram hacks

However, sometimes you don’t want to create custom theme yourself, in that case you can tap on search icon and search for word theme then tap on Android theme channel, now you get a list of themes which are created are shared by others.

Now you can download your desirable theme and after tap on that to apply. You may change the theme time and again. You get various themes on Android theme channel. You can also share your created theme.

After doing a lot of researches, this post has been composed for you. Hopefully, you must have liked these telegram hacks. However, If you have any suggestions for me, let me know. You can tell us in the comment section below. Very soon, I will again share a new post with you