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The A – Z Guide to Get Free (VCC) Virtual Credit Card In India

virtual credit card india

In India, some of the people are using a virtual credit card or VCC  to make an online transaction for their online safety but there is a problem that most of the people face problem while creating virtual credit card because so many online international payment getaway don’t accept all virtual card. In this post, I will share most trusted and genuine virtual card providers in India. Moreover, you would also get to know about virtual credit cards which work with international payment getaways.

Why We Use Virtual Credit Card…

The only thing that has remained constant in this world is change. There was a time when you used to get your payment through cheques and or deposit slips physically through a bank. But by the time these things got changed into credit/debit cards or Net Banking.

The major issue concerning was that those methods had so many drawbacks. Physical payment through Banks was too cumbersome, you had to visit the bank for each and everything.

Even the online payments through credit/debit cards were not secure. Companies and individuals were facing fraud cases because of this.

However, times have brought so many changes in this domain. Hence, you don’t need to visit Bank time and again anymore unless there is a very important work. At present, banks and financial agencies provide a virtual card for online payments. You don’t have to share and expose your bank account credentials on the internet anymore for making an online transaction

Banks create credit cards for only one-time transaction limited to a specific amount. If someone accidentally gets your virtual credit card number without knowing the specific amount or after a specific time, that card will be useless because the transaction will not occur.

Virtual Credit Card Providers In India(By Banks)

  1. Kotak Mahindra Bank –Kotak Mahindra Bank is one of the largest virtual credit card provider in India. [email protected] is the name of its virtual credit card. You can make payment through online [email protected]
    Payment can be possible only to those people who accept Visa card. We can use [email protected] for international payment but can’t attach it to PayPal.You can also use Kotak 811 virtual debit card for international payments India

virtual credit card india

 2. State Bank Of India Virtual Credit Card – you can shop online through virtual credit card sbi in India only. Bank generated virtual credit cards used for only one-time transaction limited to a specific amount. If someone accidentally gets your virtual credit card number without knowing the specific amount or after a specific time, that card will be useless because transaction will occur.

virtual credit card india sbi

virtual credit card india sbi

ICICI BANK VCC – ICICI bank also issues virtual cards for making secure online payments. There is a provision that if you make a transaction of 200 rs then you gain one point for that virtual credit card India icici.

virtual credit card india icici

Union Bank – union bank issues you digital purse where you can deposit your money in order to Go for an online transaction, paying bills and so on. It is pretty simple and secure to use.

virtual credit card union bank of india

HDFC Bank – HDFC bank’s online payment solution is called Netsafe. The virtual card number is generated through your physical card and then it is used for online payment.

 virtual credit card india hdfc

IDBI Bank – IDBI bank offers virtual card payment through payapt. You can make an online payment without giving account details through payapt.

virtual credit card india PAYAPT

Axis Bank – axis bank also provides virtual card payment option. This is totally secure payment option provided by axis bank.

virtual credit card india axis bank

Citi Bank – Citi bank provides Vcc in India. A unique card number is generated while shopping and it is not possible to steal from that.

citibank virtual credit card india

        Apps & Services Providing Virtual Credit Cards in India

Entro Pay Free Virtual Credit Card India

entropay virtual credit card india

Entro pay provides you the facility of loading money into your card through your bank account. It offers you international virtual credit card. Entro pay invites you to create your own virtual credit card from no matter where you are and where do you belong.

Entro pay charges a high commission of 4.98%. But this is not bad because you don’t have any other virtual card payment option for international online payments.

Even you can link your virtual credit card to entroy pay to your Paypal account.Here are steps to verify Indian PayPal account

Payoneer Virtual Credit Card India

payoneer virtual credit card

Payoneer supports MasterCard. It is another virtual credit card payment solution. It also charges a certain fee from the users. Across the globe or anywhere in the world, Payoneer works efficiently. Create an account on Payoneer and get your virtual credit card on the go.

Oxygen Wallet Vcc India

oxigen wallet prepaid card

it also offers you a free virtual credit card that can be used anywhere and also in various different parts of the country efficiently. 

Paytm Virtual Card

paytm virtual cdebit card

It is powered by Rupay card.Its transactions are totally secure.PAYTM offers a free virtual credit card to their users

Some of the users ask me for working debit cards which  accepted by PayPal
that’s why I created a list of working Indian debits cards which works on PayPal account
  • State Bank of India ( Global Debit Card )
  • HDFC Bank (Platinum Chip Debit Card)
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank (Gold Chip Debit Card)
  • Indian Bank (MasterCard World)
  • IndusInd Bank
  • AXIS Bank (Chip Card)
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • CITI Bank (Chip Card)
  • Overseas Bank ( Platinum Debit Card)
  • YES Bank (Silver MasterCard)

Notable Benefits of Virtual Credit Card

  •  SECURITY AND CONTROL – JP Morgan conducted a survey recently which claims that more or less 62℅ of the companies throughout the globe had witnessed payment fraud. Cheque, credit card, and debit card were the most common medium through which fraud occurred. When you make payment through virtual cards, you don’t have a risk of sharing your bank account.


  • Banks create virtual card number only for the one-time transaction and even after that, it has other security measures. If someone happens to know Your card number then it also useless. Because they must know the specific amount for which they will do the transaction and expiry date of the virtual credit card as well. Hence, it is very safe and secure to use a virtual credit card. Moreover, one can hack virtual credit card number but it would be of no use.


  •  MORE ENHANCED TRANSACTION DETAILS – often we see that the space provided for remittance information is extremely less when we talk about ACH or wire transfer, the two most popular e payments alternatives other than a virtual card. When we talk about adding transaction details, ACH provides space of only 80 characters, which is very less. On the other hand, wire transaction provides a space of 140 characters. When talking about virtual card payments, we don’t have such space limitations. The main advantage using this is that you can give better transaction details of the transaction so that the receiving party is better notified regarding the details of the transaction.


  • REDUCES THE POSSIBILITY OF SHORT PAYMENT OR OVERPAYMENT –since, I told you at the very beginning of this post that you can only use virtual credit card number one time for making a particular transaction.  These all features combine together in many ways. One way is that it reduces the possibility of short payment and overpayment. Exception, processing is very costly and time-consuming procedure. The use of virtual credit card eliminates it

 Do Vendors Accept Payments Made By Virtual Cards

Each vendor has his own method of payment in which the vendor feels comfortable. But there are still a considerable amount of vendors that accept virtual card payments. There are many benefits that even the vendors get if they accept virtual card payments. If you go to a vendor and tell him about the benefits of virtual card payments I am sure that they will think about implementing this.

Both the vendor and organization gets benefits from virtual card payments. Now let us have a detailed look at the benefits being provided to them in the section below:-

Benefits To Vendors:-

  • you don’t have to deal with cheque anymore. No cumbersome procedure to go through
  • cheques are prone to frauds. Hence, virtual card payment options are very less to prone to fraud.
  • lost or stolen cheques are not to be dealt with.
  • Automatic deposition of the cash into the bank accounts.

Benefits To Organizations:-

  • Vendor/supplier relationship gets stronger.
  • very low processing cost and easy disbursement process.
  • it provides a new and a brighter step towards the cash management.
  • Eliminations of dealing with cheques.


Most of us still have the same old mentality. We are afraid of the online transaction because we feel insecure while making an online transaction. Therefore, we prefer visiting banks rather than Making online transaction. But we must bring changes in our approach because, after the introduction of the virtual credit card payment system, the case of frauds is literally out of the equation. It benefits you in the best possible way. Whether you take its transparency, cost, and the relationship between vendor and buyer, it proves itself on every step and aspect.

The main bottleneck regarding the implementation of this payment system on a large scale is the awareness about it isn’t still there in the people. So it is a humble suggestion from my side that spread awareness about this as much as you can. This will eliminate fraud cases and people will feel more secure while making an online transaction