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100% working Airtel Sim Unblocking Easy Methods 2016

airtel sim unblock trick

Today techtopic.net sharing Airtel Sim Unblocking Easy Methods for airte free internet trick ,this airtel unblock sim method 100% working in 2016. All Unblock Airtel Sim methods are personally tried by me. So that, you won’t face any kind of issue in unblocking your Airtel sim.

How to unblock Airtel sim 2016

airtel sim unblocking trick

First Trick to unblock airtel sim

1.Most importantly Go to Your Message Section and make new message. “STOP” and Send it to “1925”

2. After sending the given message your airtel sim internet will be deactivated.

3. Now get 3G credit 60mb by dialing USSD Code – “*567*10#”

4. Done!! wait for 24 hours.

5. Following One Day or 24 Hours your Airtel sim will unblocked effectively.

6. I have attempted it and it works ordinarily for me.

Second trick to unblock airtel sim

1) First keep your balance Low approx. below Rs.5 to Rs.1

2) Now visit – one.airtel.in from your phone’s default browser.

3) Activate the YouTube video trial pack of 100 MB [First try skipping this step, if not works then do this step]

4) Now visit Wynk music and click on free download.
five) when your downloads reach 50-60% cancel it.

6) Now go to Wynk movies and click on free download.

7) identical as above step, while the download reaches 50-60% disconnect it

8) accomplished!! you are efficaciously unblocked your Airtel sim

Airtel sim unblocking third method 2016

1. First visit one.airtel.in/net
2. Now click on  banner as given under.

airtel sim unblocking 2016

3. Now click on it and buy 11rs. 25mb pack as given in below picture.
airtel sim unblock 2016
4. and browse few free airtel homepages.
5. Now Your Airtel sim Unblocked efficaciously.

Airtel sim unblocking fourth method 2016

1. To start with dial *141*567# and activate 50 MB data credit with validity of 2 days.

2. Now use few data and leave 5-7 MB Remaining (Don’t use with vpn or proxy).

3. remove your sim and after that re-insert in any simple mobile like that device does not support Internet then send message “MO” to 54321.

4. What’s more, remove again sim from that phone then forget it for 24 hours.

5. Insert Sim again into your Android phone and send again a message “MO” to 54321, that’s it.

Airtel sim new unblock fifth method 2016

1. Firstly keep up your balance between 1 rs or 2 rs

2. Dial *121# Then Select data services

3. Click on 1 rs store After this you get message with link.

4. Simply Try to open link 4 to 5 times it won’t open

5. NOW call  Airtel customer care and say ” I am not unable to open your link ”

After a few hours your sim is unblocked

Sixth trick to unblock your airtel sim

1.just recharge with 1gb 3g or 2g  data pack.

2.after recharging  with 1gb data pack your airtel sim unblock instantly.

this is the best working method to ublock your airtel sim.